Pet Supply Shortages Continue

While we generally remain well-stocked at Noble Beast, there have been some items we have not been able to get when our orders come in each week.

The reasons vary. Some manufacturers are experiencing freight delays. Some have problems getting certain proteins for their foods: turkey, salmon and cod for example. Sometimes the problem lies with packaging, when a food company can’t get packing supplies or their food is moved to the back of the line at the cannery.

Our distributors tell us that the supply disruptions are going to be ongoing for at least the next six months. Our distributors are not only getting less than they try to order, they are getting “zeroed” on certain products.

Additionally, we are seeing price increases of 10 to 15% from most manufacturers and some canned foods are going up 45 percent!

If you are not able to find your pet’s food, we will tell you what we know and do our best to get it for you, but these times call for flexibility for sure, and unfortunately, we don’t expect things to normalize in the near future.