Pet Supplies

Noble Beast has items you won’t find at the big box stores.

  • Non-toxic, US-made toys
  • Water fountains & feeders
  • Washable beds made with earth-friendly materials
  • Upscale collars, leads, harnesses & coats
  • Non-toxic stain and smell removers
  • Airline approved carriers including Sleepypod
  • Decor-friendly bowls and whisker-appropriate dishes
  • Large selection of cat toys
  • Natural cat nip and silvervine
  • Scratchers, cat trees and play furniture, caves and tunnels
  • Catification shelving
  • Corn, clay, paper, walnut shell and catnip-enhanced cat litters
  • Top down and corner cat boxes
  • Pine shavings
  • Waterers and feeders for chickens