A Look at Lightly Cooked Meals

More and more of our customers are discovering the benefits of lightly cooked meals for their dogs. These meals are much like homemade food in that they are cooked to a FDA recommended temperature, but minimally processed with whole food ingredients.

Lightly cooking and grinding makes the meats easier for the dog’s system to break down, while preserving the nutrients naturally present in fresh foods. Dog’s systems are much shorter than humans, making it even more important for their systems to be able to break down the foods and absorb the nutrients before passing through.

The result is a shinier coat, healthier skin, reduced allergy symptoms, smaller stools, less gas and even cleaner teeth and better breath.

These diets are also very tasty and enjoyable for your dog and are a great choice for picky pups or even dogs that need to loose weight due to their being lower in carbohydrates than dry foods.

We carry several brands of lightly cooked meals, including My Perfect Pet, Small Batch, Puppy Belly Deli and Open Farm. You will find them in our freezer section.