New at Noble Beast: Lightly Cooked Food for Dogs and Cats

Try our new food from Poway, California called My Perfect Pet. The food is lightly cooked (to 180 degrees) and is a nice alternative for people who like to home cook their pet food.  The company’s founder lost a dog to contaminated pet food, started making her own food, and eventually started My Perfect Pet.

The ingredients are 100% human grade and sourced in the USA except for the lamb from New Zealand or Australia. Every supplement is individually sourced and human pharmaceutical grade. The food is prepared in their own commercial kitchen. We liked that they only use muscle meats in the food, along with vegetables and healthy supplements. The ingredients are ground into small pieces and then the blended and lightly cooked food is formed into bars and frozen.

We also like that they offer additional nutritional analysis on their labels, and offer low glycemic and low phosphorous formulas. There are no meals, by­products, glutens, synthetic supplements, GMOs or other fillers listed in their ingredients.

You will find My Perfect Pet in the freezer at Noble Beast. Each portion is individually wrapped, which makes defrosting it in the refrigerator easy.

Noble Beast Test Case: 

Chassis is a 17 year old tabby. She tried the low phosphorous formula in chicken since her kidney numbers are up like many older lady kitties. When it was first served, having been defrosted in the fridge, Chassis wasn’t so sure, but when the temperature of the food warmed up a bit she was all for it. Marsha has been feeding it to her in rotation with her other foods every few days and she is eating it well. Marsha likes that she does not have to transfer the frozen food into another container for defrosting. Also the texture is nice, like a pate but not so sticky.